Clear Wood Lacquer comes in many different product types. It can be great alternative to paint depending on the finish you want. Wood comes in solid and veneer form and in many grain types and colours. Once you have selected the ideal wood for your home or commercial space, you want to show off its natural properties.

Products that can be ordered vary from basic single pack lacquers and non yellowing Polyurethane. All the way right through to High Gloss Polyester.

Whatever you choose will provide an additional surface layer to the wood. This protects it whilst also enhancing its natural colour and grain. If your looking to restore old wooden furniture to itʼs former glory, we also offer a comprehensive selection of furniture lacquers. They help to not only give your furniture an excellent finish but also protect it for years to come.

A good wood lacquer provides an additional layer and seal to the surface of the wood. This clear lacquer coating adds to the woods natural strength and durability. Making it easier to maintain and retain in pristine condition, keeping them looking brand new. The wood lacquer also provides excellent scratch and heat resistance. This helps to reduce the need for costly repairs after several years of use.

The added strength and protection provided by a clear wood lacquer makes it ideal for use in areas that will be exposed to greater wear and tear. These could include wooden flooring, kitchen work surfaces and solid wood dining tables in the home, or bar tops, door frames and skirtings and board room tables in the workplace.

Clear Wood Lacquers are usually applied using industrial spray guns and pumps, instead of a brush. This gives an even finish across the surface of the wood or MDF once it is dry. Finework are professional sprayers, ensuring that all projects are completed to the highest standard. Whether or not we're using a spray lacquer or spray paints.

Whilst clear wood lacquers show off the natural features of the wood, they do give it a reflective quality. Depending on the lacquer used and the number of coats applied, this ranges from anything from a subtle sheen, through to a high gloss mirror finish.

As wood is a classic and durable feature of any home or office, it can last for many decades. We have undertaken work on many projects where a finish that was applied many years ago has made the interior look dated. If the colour of the wood, or gloss finish has gone out of favour, the surface layer can be sanded off and a wood lacquer can be applied to the wood to give a more contemporary appearance.

Finework, only use the highest quality wood lacquers. You can be reassured of a top quality clear lacquer finish that will enhance and protect your wood. For more information on our highly rated Clear Wood Lacquers and restoration Furniture Lacquers contact us today.

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