Interior wood finishes are a great way to both preserve and protect wood. They can provide a high quality, enhanced, but natural looking finish.

Interior wood finishes can be used for a variety of applications. These include a wooden floor, antique furniture, doors and trimmings. All of these things can become subject to wear and tear over time, so protecting them from this is important. By using an interior wood stain or varnish you are enhancing the natural, beautiful wood colour and grain.

When it comes to wood finishing, many people turn to generic paint, not suitable for use on wood. This cannot match the protection and longevity that interior wood finishes provide. Using the wrong paint can also damage the wood, forcing it to absorb moisture and warp over time. We use expert spraying techniques with a professional interior wood stain, varnish or lacquer to give the very best results.

Wood staining can give a new lease of life to your beloved furniture or home finishings. Here at Finework we complete every job to the highest standard to ensure you’re always left with a superior product.

To ensure your interiors are finished to highest possible standard, it is important to make sure the right products and techniques are used. Finework have extensive knowledge and experience in wood finishing and know the best treatment and techniques for your wood.

Interior Wood Finishes Interior Wood Finishes Interior Wood Finishes
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