Exterior Door Spraying

Wood door finishes allow you to achieve the desired look with any doorway. An entrance way can be a real architectural statement in the home. Regardless of the type of wood used, finishing your wooden doors is an essential step to take. By choosing the correct finish you can highlight the woods natural beauty, while giving it increased protection.


Door spraying to provide a protective coat on the wood is a necessity, particularly in busy households! Accidents happen, so it is important to reduce the chance of scuffs and stains occurring. Our spray painting techniques ensure an even coat and streak free drying, everytime. This gives you a superior finish that cannot be achieved with a standard paint brush or roller.

For added protection we can also provide wood door finishes with a flame retardant coating. We have different flame retardant coatings available depending on use. For residential use we recommend a class 1 coating that delays ignition and the spread of flames.


Here at Finework we have been working with wood, MDF and other substrates for many years. This means that we have expertise that allows us to know the best treatment and door spraying or door painting technique to use for your wood. We’re able to give your wood an entirely new look, simply by enhancing its natural colouring. Our top quality door spraying and door painting service cannot be matched, so give us a call.

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