Exterior Wood Finishes

Exterior wood finishes penetrate into the wood as opposed to sitting on the surface like interior products, and with professional help, they are easy to apply. They can even contain water repellents and fungicides for additional protection for any exterior areas – including windows and doors.


Often a designer piece of furniture within an interior, wood is also a practical and desirable material for a range of exterior wooden projects. This includes fences, gates, garden furniture, front doors, garages and summerhouses. This leaves the need for protection from the elements. We offer the most comprehensive Exterior Wood finishes on the market today and with our professional help, can ensure you will be satisfied with the finished product.


Outdoor wood, such as a patio, fence or any garden furniture is an addition to any backyard that makes it more personalised to you. However, the problem with wood is that changes in the weather affect the moisture content of the wood. This causes it to expand and contract. This can cause the wood to shrink and crack, or swell and buckle. In addition, mildew and plants can grow on the wood and affect the look and the longevity of the wood.

Applying suitable long lasting exterior wood stains and finishes preserves the quality of your exterior wood for years to come. Exterior wood finishes have been created to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty and durability. Doing so, means your furniture will be more long lasting, and won’t need touch ups throughout the year. These exterior wood finishes protect against weathering, such as rain or snow. Even though natural weather- resistant wood is the best option for outdoor use, at some point it becomes vulnerable to decay. The only way to properly use untreated wood outside is with the addition of water- repellent preservatives, sealer or paint that contains a UV protection.

Paints and solid colour stains can be applied to the surface of the wood to offer protection. They cover the exterior woods natural colour and grain, but can be used to create dramatic effects. They can even coordinate a number of different wooden features in a garden.


Semi-transparent pigments provide more subtle colour options and the grain of the wood can still be seen. These pigments can be especially good for use on weathered or rough wood.


These products contain wax, resin or drying oil. These reduce the absorption of moisture and therefore minimises the expansion and contraction of the wood, which helps create a more long lasting product. They can also inhibit the growth of mildew on the wood. Water repellent preservatives can be used in their own right as a natural exterior finish. Some can even be used as a base coat under primer and paint layers for longer lasting protection.

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An exterior varnish provides an attractive finish to wood, as it enhances the natural colour and grain. It is best applied to wood with a smooth finish, where it adds sheen. Exterior Marine Varnish is one example, which can be used to provide an attractive finish to a front door. If regularly reapplied varnishes provide adequate UV protection and protection against sunlight and moisture. The finish enhances the natural wood grains and texture, is microporous which leaves a breathable surface.


Whether you want a clear finish to protect your wood, or wish to add something such as furniture or decking oils to change the overall appearance of the wood, we have the solution for you. No matter what you desire, we will be able to make your vision a reality.

Selecting the right product and applying exterior wood finishes effectively in the correct conditions will provide the best protection and added durability to your wood. Finework utilises materials which have been thoroughly tried and tested in all weather conditions. We will ensure your exteriors are finished to the highest standards.


Personalising your outdoor space has to be perfect, so when choosing your desired products, as professionals, we will help you make the right decisions depending on your space, furniture and existing colour schemes.


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