Fiberglass And Plastic Finishes

If you have existing plastic or fibreglass products, perhaps in your kitchen, that you aren’t happy with, we can apply a fresh coating of finish that can be used to change the colour or alternatively, restore the colours that have faded over time. Plastic and Fibreglass surface Finishes are also great for improving the heat resistance of the product and provide extra strength and durability. Because of this, this is why you mostly find Plastic and Fibreglass used in kitchens for counters and cabinets.

Plastic Finishes give you the opportunity to change or enhance the colour and texture of your design whilst also adding extra protection to the product. These finishes increase the longevity and make the product last for years to come. If you have a requirement for special finishes such as high gloss, please contact the team at Finework.

At Finework, we will take the time to understand your project and would be happy to recommend the best options available for your project.

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