Customers who require the ultimate sheen will desire our high gloss finishes, these give wood a reflective quality that naturally draws attention to that particular feature in any room. A high gloss finish is often used as a decorative design statement, wood trim in cars, musical instruments, wall panels and doors in high end offices, shops, restaurants and of course high gloss kitchen doors.

An even coating of high gloss also gives the wood a hard finish, which adds to its natural durability. This can make it effective for well used furniture including cabinets, dining or board room tables and reception desks. It also adds a layer of resistance, so the wood is protected from water and is unable to absorb dirt or grease.

Our wood gloss finishes offer the most comprehensive solution for the protective coating of wood and other substrates. This includes our expert MDF gloss finish for kitchen cabinets and so much more. Contact Finework today to find out more about our MDF & Wood gloss finish services.

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